Hugo Parker has extensive experience before California state and federal appellate courts, including the California Supreme Court. We handle appeals and writs not only in cases that our attorneys have litigated, but for many matters originally tried by other firms. We have successfully briefed and argued a variety of complex matters including several legal issues of national importance.

Case Studies

Virtual Appeals

I have experience in Virtual appeals at

this point and I can give you a direct

example this is an argument in front of

the court of appeals with regard to the

time limits that are placed on

examination of a mesothelioma plaintiff

in-depth position this case comes to us

on a repetition

concerning the extent of time to examine

a dying mesothelioma plaintiff under CCP


2025.295 uh Mr Hugo you may proceed

thank you justice Needham

I look the same size as the justices and

bigger than my opposing counsel because

I plan to do so the virtual platform

requires planning that we never thought

we would have to do as traditional

lawyers in a physical space now we not

only have to plan as to how we are going

to look physically but we need to plan

as to how we are going to look virtually

and how we’re going to sound so you have

to practice in a different way than

traditional oral arguments you have to

practice into a computer where you can

play it back and see how you appear and

listen to how you sound


in order to create a great virtual

presence you have to practice first way

to do that is to look at videos that

were shot during actual virtual appeals

California records its oral arguments so

those are available on YouTube and other

channels second you need to practice

with either a videographer or a computer

and play it back and see how you appear

and see how you sound

thank you

I’ve been very critical of virtual


in contrast virtual appeals actually

work you have a much smaller audience

usually three justices in only one

opposing Council it’s relatively easy to

look at the justices and have a

communication through a computer in your

posing council is really not involved

that’s far far different from a judge a

live witness 12 jurors plus alternates

and all opposing counsel in little

squares on a screen so it’s much easier

to be interactive in a court of appeals

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