Hugo Parker Defeats Plaintiffs’ Attempt to Force Defendants to Pay for Deposition Fees & Costs

Posted on Monday, 14 January 2019

Order Denying Ps Depo Fees Costs

The San Francisco Superior Court sided with Hugo Parker and refused to order Defendants to pay for deposition fees and costs associated with depositions noticed by Plaintiffs’ Counsel. Plaintiffs’ counsel took the position that discovery depositions which follow direct examination are a separate portion of the discovery process that required the Defendants to pay for the associated deposition costs. In a single case, a Plaintiff’s trial preservation direct examination lasted three days. The resulting defense discovery deposition lasted for twenty days.


The Court rejected Plaintiffs’ argument that the "trial preservation deposition" was separate from the discovery portion of the same deposition of the same individual, a position that Defendants argued was a "legal fiction."


See the Order here.


See the Harris Martin article here.

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