Edward Hugo Spoke at ACI's 13th Annual Asbestos Claims & Litigations Conference

Posted on Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Asbestos Claims


At ACI's Asbestos Claims & Litigation Gain key strategies and updates from top in-house professionals, experienced outside counsel, renowned jurists, and medical professionals on:


  • The evolution of asbestos medicine: single fiber, every fiber, low dose, lung cancer, chrysotile, and beyond
  • New defendants, non-traditional exposure claims, novel claims against premises owners and contractors/suppliers, the expansion of take home and bystander cases, equipment, machinery and electrical cases, and more
  • Litigating claims involving component parts and the latest on manufacturers being held liable even though their products didn’t contain asbestos
  • Sorting out liability apportionment given today’s cases name dozens of defendants as liable for exposure
  • Bankruptcy fi lings, confirmations & estimations and the transparency between bankruptcy torts and tort litigation
  • The nuances and complexities of Medicare reporting rules
  • Navy cases: bolstering your cases from discovery through trial
  • The best and worst jurisdictions for asbestos litigation, key state by state nuances, and forum shopping
  • The aging population of expert witnesses, and developing and herding qualified newer expert witnesses
  • Allocation, asbestos exclusion, deductibles, number of occurrences, asbestos reserves, and beyond: key insurance issues impacting asbestos coverage


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