The Most Important Tort Case On The California Supreme Court's 2016 Docket

Posted on Thursday, 17 September 2015

In its annual prediction of important upcoming Supreme Court cases, the September 2015 issue of “California Lawyer” identifies Kesner v. Superior Court (Pneumo Abex) (S219534) and the sister case of Havner v. BNSF Railway Co. as the most important tort cases on the Court’s docket.  The issue is "whether and when employers owe a duty of care to the now-ill family members of employees who brought asbestos fibers home from work on their clothing."


The Supreme Court has set oral argument in Kesner and Havner for its September 2016 calendar.


Hugo Parker has handled Kesner since its pleading stages and drafted the successful petition seeking review to the Supreme Court, and has co-authored the briefs to the Court. 




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